Matrimonio Residenza Antica Flaminia, Beautiful Location in Civita Castellana, Viterbo.

Location: Residenza Antica Flaminia

Dress : Le Spose Di Datì

MAke Up: Ti voglio Naturalmente Bella

Flowers: Rose Rosse

Hair Dresser: DMood Parruchieri

Photographer: Enrico Diviziani 

The Marriage of Arianna & Marco

Arianna and Marco celebrated their wedding at the Residenza Flaminia in Civita Castellana. Arianna is a girl, very precise, who does not miss a smile, she managed and organized everything, really down to the smallest detail, together with Marco, they did not leave anything to chance, I worked very peacefully, perhaps also for this reason I created a service of wedding reportage, of which I am very satisfied.

Including a photo that saw the "published choice" and "Best of The Week" award on @MyWed Wedding Photographer.

When I handed the work to Arianna a few days ago, before they set off on their motorbike for their honeymoon, she told me that she had really dreamed of this moment, ever since she was a child, so I hope she also dreamed of these photographs.

He really deserves credit, because he organized, together with the Location, with fantastic staff, the timing of the event in a perfect way, there was never a stalemate. In addition, the friends, Stupendi then organized and created a surprise flash-mob !!!

After dressing in his home in Viterbo, of which I am very proud, how much I worked really well, spacious room with a large window as a source of natural light, we left for La Residenza Antica Flaminia, where they celebrated the Civil ceremony.

After the exchange of faiths, with an abundant half hour we took advantage of the residence for couple photos (YOU & ME), which offered excellent views and situations, we headed just outside the avenue, where there was a beautiful field of freshly cut wheat and some olive trees.

What can I say .. take a look for yourself: D ... scroll down for this beautiful reportage.

Thanks again to Arianna & Marco, for their trust and for choosing me. If you want to contact me for a quote ... Click HERE